Federal government is responsible for VIC's covid lock down

Skynet on 05/06/2021 at 09:56:06 GMT
Federal government's lousy covid vaccination program is to blame for Vic's fourth lockdown. Firstly, it failed the most vulnerable group of people. The vaccine is not well planned and administrated. Up to early June, there are less than 50% of aged care home population vaccinated and the vaccine rate of aged care workers are even lower. The government failed to put a priority on the vulnerable group of people. Secondly, the federal government's vaccine program failed the general public. Federal government's ambiguous attitude towards the AZ vaccine makes people reluctant to go for it. With a slow vaccine rate, the government still keeps pushing people to come back to work as normal, which caused complacency. That's how the virus got passed for SA all the way to VIC and triggered the lockdown.