We should push saving the environment and eventually, it will help save humanity

bob_2433651098 on 21/05/2020 at 09:47:00 GMT

Have you ever heard the government saying that we should help save the environment? But every time they keep on saying that, it just gets worse and worse. That's because people don't listen and they're also getting annoyed. But everyone wants COVID19 to stop, right? Well if we help push saving the environment than we will be able to save all of humanity as well. Botanists and scientists have come up with an idea that we lockdown (protect) 50% of planet earth. The target year is 2030. No littering will only help a bit. The rest is for the air polluting to stop. Once the trees get cut down and the smoke makes the air unable to breathe, that's actually double polluting the air, since trees make the air fresher and if you cut them down, it will make the air quality worse. But, also, the factories create smoke that creates more smoke that pollutes the air even more! If we reduce all of those doings, we will be able to save biodiversity and also be able to save humanity.

Mate, you are on the point.