Australia Should be the leader in Environmental Action

PinkyPlue on 21/05/2020 at 09:24:54 GMT

The level of pollution in the environment is quickly rising. The skies are turning grey and the air is unbreathable, but what are we doing? Nothing. We say that we care about the environments and we say that we are trying to change the future of our planet. But are we really. Are we just convincing ourselves that we are trying to do something even if we aren't. Are we just delaying the oncoming death of our planet because the truth is too horrible to face? We need to make a change now. A lot of people say this, but what difference does it make? You just say " oh ok" and then g about with your daily lives again, tossing rubbish on the ground and filling your car with dangerous and polluting fuels. Now doesn't mean three years later, now means now.

It's true, we can't rely on third world countries to push for environment protection. And US is just thinking how to make more money and not losing its GREATNESS.