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Peaceful strike for clean environment

Shouldn't have a new weather app.

bob_2433651098 on 06/11/2019 at 10:45:24 GMT

If you want a new weather app, then you can just use a weather forecast. And also, if you are just standing outside in a sunny day, then you will already know that the weather is sunny. Everyone knows that you would not want a new app. If the government gives us a second chance, they would probably say that we don't need it and we can just use the weather forecast. Exactly! The new weather app
is an app which tells you what weather it is. And for the last time, we can just use the weather forecast.

Calling for a tougher law for fire ban

aucheese on 09/11/2019 at 05:33:03 GMT

Bush fire has caused significant loss for people of Australia. Due to a dryer climate in the recent years, it becomes more and more likely that a small negligence may cause a big fire. In the last a couple of days, there were nearly a hundred of fire emergencies reported in QLD and NSW at the same time. And many of there are suspected to be caused by accident or even worse, arson. We are calling for a tougher law for fire ban and a better education strategy to prevent further loss.

Right to Know campaign: fight for the press freedom and keep the public's right to know the truth

Skynet on 21/10/2019 at 06:06:45 GMT

Top media companies and industry organisations are campaigning to change the law that allowing government to prosecute journalists and whistle blowers.

Australia Should be the leader in Environmental Action

PinkyPlue on 21/05/2020 at 09:24:54 GMT

The level of pollution in the environment is quickly rising. The skies are turning grey and the air is unbreathable, but what are we doing? Nothing. We say that we care about the environments and we say that we are trying to change the future of our planet. But are we really. Are we just convincing ourselves that we are trying to do something even if we aren't. Are we just delaying the oncoming death of our planet because the truth is too horrible to face? We need to make a change now. A lot of people say this, but what difference does it make? You just say " oh ok" and then g about with your daily lives again, tossing rubbish on the ground and filling your car with dangerous and polluting fuels. Now doesn't mean three years later, now means now.

We should push saving the environment and eventually, it will help save humanity

bob_2433651098 on 21/05/2020 at 09:47:00 GMT

Have you ever heard the government saying that we should help save the environment? But every time they keep on saying that, it just gets worse and worse. That's because people don't listen and they're also getting annoyed. But everyone wants COVID19 to stop, right? Well if we help push saving the environment than we will be able to save all of humanity as well. Botanists and scientists have come up with an idea that we lockdown (protect) 50% of planet earth. The target year is 2030. No littering will only help a bit. The rest is for the air polluting to stop. Once the trees get cut down and the smoke makes the air unable to breathe, that's actually double polluting the air, since trees make the air fresher and if you cut them down, it will make the air quality worse. But, also, the factories create smoke that creates more smoke that pollutes the air even more! If we reduce all of those doings, we will be able to save biodiversity and also be able to save humanity.

Government has spent $190K on 'develop empathy' for inland rail

Skynet on 22/10/2019 at 06:18:41 GMT

Scott Morrison defended the government's spending of tax payer's money on so called 'develop empathy' for inland rail between Melbourne and Brisbane, while many of our farmer are struggling with the drought crisis.

Government trys to send 250 more refugees to US

Skynet on 22/10/2019 at 07:58:02 GMT

Dutton expects the US to take about 250 more refugees from Australia as part of the refugee swap deal.

We should ban Drugs once and for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PinkyPlue on 28/10/2019 at 10:41:26 GMT

Drugs are easy to be addicted for all people, younger smokers or drinkers will have a higher chance of dying below the age allowance, this will give other countries a bad first impression when we appear like this. This therefore changes the way we look at us, some of the questions in their minds when they want to sell stuff to us is, hey wait a second, aren't they the ones that have young people smoke and die? Trust me, this is not a good appearance. Banning drugs is good for everyone.

Why we Shouldn't Have Death Tax

bob_2433651098 on 23/10/2019 at 09:06:45 GMT

Death Tax is basically the money and assets passed to someone else because their already dead.  Isn't that just letting someone steal your money?! Even if your'e dead, you can die with your money instead of giving it away. Isn't that correct? If I didn't know that I was about to die, I would die WITH my money!! Not WITHOUT my money!!

Use less electricity

bob_2433651098 on 11/11/2019 at 07:48:03 GMT

We must find a way to stop heating up the world by using less electricity. If we don't stop, then the human race might just stop to a dead end. Some people want to prevent this from happening, but some people just don't listen! Just because people want to prevent this, do you always have to agree with the side that's against it? This is outrageous. It is vital that we must be aware, otherwise, the world will come to an end just because of us........

Australia's Landmarks Being Destroyed

PinkyPlue on 07/06/2020 at 07:55:26 GMT

Last month, one of Australia's biggest mining companies called Rio Tinto, blew up some of the most important places to Aboriginal people. It was near the Pilbara region and then decided to expand it's mining base and expanded into what was called the most important cultural place for Indigenous Australians. This was not just blowing up somewhere that was special to people, but it was blowing up hundreds of thousands of years of our history. We need to make new laws that make sure that places like this are protected.

stop companies from mining

bob_2433651098 on 07/06/2020 at 07:48:59 GMT

Do you know that one of the oldest aboriginal sites just got destroyed? This was caused by a mining company called Rio Tinto. The cause left many traditional owners of Australia devastated by this happening. This probably taught a lesson to Rio Tinto to not mine wherever you want to. Everyone should always ask before they do something. Many aboriginals have been arguing to the government about the destruction of the famous landmark, Juukan Gorge. We should always do something to protect the aboriginal land. They will always be the owners of Australia.

I think a cockatoo will win bird of the year.

bob_2433651098 on 28/10/2019 at 10:19:33 GMT

For a year, the emu had won the bird of the year because of helping Australians win 2 whole wars. And for the past year, the magpie won because it supports the most cowardly team, the Magpies.  This year, the bird prize must be going to the cockatoo! It is one of the native birds to Australia, and are very intelligent. When you see white birds with a feathered crest on-top of its head pulling out leftovers , well that's definitely a cockatoo. There are many different types of cockatoos, some are pink and some are black, but I'm talking about the one that's white, with a large, yellow crest. They have clawed, black talons and are one of the most common bird species in the world.

We Should we pay more money for water for any other thing

bob_2433651098 on 23/10/2019 at 09:31:55 GMT

Everyone knows that Australia is in drought, right. That's why we SHOULD pay more money for water, since if we didn't have any water, we all will be in drought and none of the people on Earth will be alive. Only if rain would drop onto the wild west and Uluru.

What we should do to stop people from getting the corona virus

bob_2433651098 on 01/03/2020 at 07:58:45 GMT
Everyone is worrying about the new disease, the corona virus. Would you rather lock someone up forever, or let them go free. You would probably have chosen the 2nd answer.  The corona virus is a virus that causes diseases. It affects your lungs, which makes you hard to breathe, and then, you eventually die.
Back to the second phrase, which one do you think means quarantine, and which one do you think means pill. The first reason matches with quarantine, and the second one definitely matches pill. But why?
You see, quarantine means to lock someone up in an enclosed area (such as an old hospital) and test if you have the disease or not. If you have it, you would need to stay there and if you don't have it, you would need to stay. I mean, it's not your fault if you need to stay in a place and may never see your family again.
Now, lets talk about the pill. The pill is a none living miracle witch has cured more than 40,000 people in the world! You would definitely use the pill rather than being locked up for your whole life!
So in conclusion, I would rather use pills than quarantine.

why we should stop hoarding toilet paper

bob_2433651098 on 20/04/2020 at 07:05:10 GMT

Everyone should stop hoarding toilet paper. These are some very important reasons why.

if everyone keeps grabbing and grabbing toilet paper off shelves, then other people that don't have it will be doomed. Remember, all of us have to share. Also, toilet paper workers will need to work at the speed of the next level. Since toilet paper is reducing at an extremely fast rate, they'll have to work for heaps more time.

New laws to ban cash on transaction over 10,000 dollars

Skynet on 01/03/2020 at 08:10:29 GMT

A Bill passed in the House of Representitives in 2019 is going to ban any cash transactions that is over $10,000 AUD. It is currently under debating in the Senate. This bill is introduced to enforce the law that any transaction should be logged and provided with an invoice. If required, a GST must be collected by the government. Australian small businesses are technically ready to provide such service to any customer that needs to make such a large transaction.

Eradicate coronavirus at all

Skynet on 25/07/2020 at 08:36:13 GMT

Australian government should consider about ways to remove coronavirus totally. Firstly, our neighbour New Zealand has played a good example for us that it is plausible. Secondly, economically, it can be less costly. After the first wave, we thought that was it but it turned out to be wrong. If we don't eliminate the virus, it will always hang on top our economy and block the recovery. In the last and most importantly, it is human lives that we need to save. If we allow it to happen continuously, there will be lives lost. To those who are vulnerable, it is unfair. Yes, eliminating the virus will be costly and tough, but it is possible and the right way for Australia.

Federal government is responsible for the Al Kuwait outbreak

Skynet on 30/05/2020 at 09:08:07 GMT

When coronavirus worries all Australians and drags the economy down, the state and federal government are still just arguing about who is more negligent. Face the truth, they don't have any plan for the docking foreign ships. The federal government is responsible for the border and customs, thus should be responsible for making plans for dealing with the crews. Of course it will need the help from the local government. But first of all, the federal government should have a clear and consistent plan.

We should use our money to improve our Public Infrastructure

PinkyPlue on 23/10/2019 at 09:21:13 GMT

I think that we should use more money because we aren't doing anything with it in the meantime anyway. When we improve our infrastructure, we also attract more tourists to our country, this means more money. With the money, we can make our cities better than old grey trash buildings standing row by row, we can make the homeless that sit in the cities begging have a decent life.